Time to get back to some park hunting

Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last post and that is mainly because during the summer months here in the Southern Hemisphere I detect on the beach. While finding modern coins and the odd bit of bling is nice, it makes for boring reading.

For me it’s the old coins and relics that I truly love to find. So I was very happy when autumn arrived and the days started to cool and we had some rain. I personally don’t like to hunt in public parks in summer as the risk of leaving dead patches in the lawn is high.

My first destination was a park I have been going to for about three years now, and despite walking over ground I know I have been over in the past, it still gave up seven pre-decimal coins, five crusty pennies and half pennies and two silvers, as well as a couple of relics. The first interesting find was a small badge with wings. Upon cleaning, it had the letters BOAC, and below junior jet club.


This turned out to be from the British Overseas Airways Corporation (1940 – 1974), from 1954 -1974 children could join the junior jet club and have their logbook signed by the pilot as they clocked up air miles. The other interesting find was a 12 gauge shotgun cartridge head stamp, after some research it dates from 1884 – 1924.

On my way home I stopped into the site of an old farm house, this site has seen other detectorist over it, but armed with my CTX 3030 and a good dose of patience I worked my way through the iron infested ground and found two nice relics. The first was a medallion commemorating the end of WW I, dated 1919, brilliant! I thought, there are still some finds left in here. The next find was only a few meters away,  a dog license tag dated 1949 – 1950. By that stage I was thinking it was time for some breakfast, so I called it a day knowing there should be some more finds there among the rubbish waiting for my next visit.


So all up, three relics with some stories to tell and two nice silver coins.

Until next time, enjoy your detecting and enjoy the history!

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