Back to some park detecting.

It’s been some time since my last blog, the main reason being it has been to hot and dry to go digging around in parks, so I have been focused on beach and water hunts. As anyone who follows me on Youtube will have seen, I have been finding a few bits and pieces, but  writing about finding modern coins on the beach isn’t particularly interesting.

However, we have at last had a little rain and the temperature has come down enough that I am back into looking for old coins and relics.  Since my last post I have acquired a Minelab CTX 3030, which came with the the 17 inch coil, so in this last week I have managed to get out on three occasions armed with this combination.I have been going over some old ground and have been very surprised by what is still out there.

My week started off with a hunt at a park near the beach, I had found the odd old coin in this park, however I was searching more for modern coins and jewellery on this occasion. I had only been going a short time before I had a 1946 sixpence from a few inches down, this was followed by $9.00 in one and two dollar coins, before I had a good solid signal which I assumed was another dollar as it was just under the surface. Imagine my delight when I was soon looking at a 1878 sixpence in my hand. Whilst Queen Victoria was looking a little worst for ware, I was happy to take her.





My next hunt saw me at a park near home that I have recovered a lot of coins from over the last couple of years. In fact, last year saw me running transects from one side of the park to the other in an east/west pattern, and recovering a lot of targets; and to be honest I considered that I had given it a good going over and there wouldn’t much left.

So with this in mind I decided to start running transects from north to south to see if I had missed much. Using the big 17 inch coil, I was able to thoroughly cover each transect. To say I was surprised by the result would be an understatement. At the end of my first hunt I had three half pennies, three pennies and two silver 1942 three penny coins in my bag!


On my next visit to the park a couple of mornings later, I finished with a similar result, with five pennies, a half penny and a 1915 silver florin, as well as an interesting Australian Coat of Arms badge; 16 old coins and relic from just two hunts!





So next time you are looking for some new ground to detect, consider going over your old ground from a different direction, because as I like to say, no one gets it all!


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