Unexpected gold today.

Today was a stunning summers day, so the family and I headed to a local swimming spot. I naturally packed the dive gear and my Minelab Excalibur II on its dive shaft for some underwater treasure hunting. Making my way out to the end of the jetty where people jump of to swim; I descended to about three metres and started searching. Almost immediately I had a target under the coil, fanning away the sand I had a 10 cent coin in the bag, for the next half an hour I had a steady stream of coins and fishing weights kept me occupied. I then had a good solid high tone that sounded like it was going to be silver, fanning away the sand revealed a small silver heart locket, which was unfortunately broken at the hinge. 


A short time later, I had another good target response and started fanning away the sediment, after only a couple of sweeps of my tool I quickly saw that unmistakable glint of gold in the sand. I slowly removed all of the sand covering a fine gold bracelet,rechecking the hole I still had a good solid signal and digging down further I soon had another piece of lead for my collection. 

All to soon my time was up and I had to head back to shore. Not a bad mornings dive though, a bit over $11.00 in coins, gold, silver and an assortment of lead weights, fishing lures and a small pocket knife which had seen better days.





Once I was home I checked the bracelet for markings, I could see a faint mark on the clasp, but couldn’t make out what it said, so I gave it the acid test which indicated it was 18 ct gold. I also tested it on the Excalibur, and as I suspected I couldn’t get a signal from the small bracelet due to the small size of the clasp and chain links. So lady luck was with me, because if the bracelet hadn’t of landed over a lead weight I would never have found it!

Until next time, may lady luck be with you!


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