New coil finds silver.

Well, here we are with Christmas almost upon us again! So with that in mind I treated myself to an early Xmas gift and bought a Coiltek 15″WOT (Wild Orange Thing) Mk II coil for my E Trac a few days ago. I normally hunt the beaches with my Minelab Excalibur, but with a lot of sand to cover and competition from other hunters, I decided I needed an edge.



I choose the Coiltek coil because firstly it is an Australian made product, and Coiltek are the only Minelab authorised after market coil manufacturer. Also the reports I have read have been positive, and on top of that a friend has the Mk I WOT on his Minelab sovereign and does very well with it. This new coil covers a big area and I found I have to carry my scoop over my shoulder, otherwise the coil picks it up!




This morning was to be my first outing with it on the beach. Arriving early, there was already one other hunter on the beach and in the sand were the parallel lines from where a hunter had dragged their scoop as they worked transects all along the beach the previous night. Not to be deterred, I headed straight for the wet sand, as I was in time for low tide and started working parallel to the water. The first couple of targets were one dollar coins, on wasn’t particularly deep but the other was a good 4-5 scoops deep. The third target was a good solid high tone , and dumping a scoop full of sand on the beach I could see silver showing. Reaching down I was very happy to have a large silver bracelet, which weighed in at 30 grams.



A couple more coins, and I had a ring in the scoop, unfortunately it turned out to be a junker.  I headed up the beach a bit and tried my luck on the dry sand, but targets were few and far between, but I eventually picked up a couple more two dollar coins. This brought my total to $10.50 for the morning and saw me ready to head home. I’m looking forward to getting out with the WOT some more over summer and seeing what goodies I can find with it!

Good luck to you all!




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