December heralds the beginning of summer here in the southern hemisphere, and today was a perfect example of sunny days to come. Getting up early this morning, I headed down to a favourite site for some shallow water wading. I was greeted at the site by a tree full of short billed corollas, noisily going about their morning routine.

Heading into the water with my Minelab Excalibur II, I quickly had my first target, which turned out to be nothing more then a bottle cap. Even though it wasn’t the best sounding target, I still like to dig everything just to be sure I’m not missing good targets, and also to keep the number of rubbish targets down for when I go there next. After a few more bottle caps I had a good solid signal, which turned out the be a child’s copper ring with what looks something like an Incan or Aztec head on it.



While I use a STAVR scoop for all my beach and water hunting, I also have a floating sifter which is very handy for areas such as I was in today, where there is a lot of shells in the sediment. Being able to spread the contents of the scoop over a larger area makes finding targets a lot quicker.





After about an hour of detection and having a few coins in my bag, I got a nice solid signal which I had in the scoop on the first dig, looking into the scoop I could see a lovely shiny silver coloured ring sitting on top of the shells. Emptying the contents of the scoop into my sifter so I could film it, I quickly had the ring in my hand an was pretty certain from the shine and weight that it was going to be white gold. Once home I was happy to see 18 ct stamped on the inside, the ring weighed in at 2.7 g.




What a great way to start the day, enjoying the outdoors while doing a hobby I love!

Until next time, keep your coil low and the best of luck to you!

Cheers, Mark.

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