Another stunning spring day saw my family and I off to our favourite swimming area. While my son spent his time in the water looking for pieces of old china, I geared up for another dive with my trusty Minelab Excalibur. Whilst I really enjoy hunting for coins and relics in parks, I love the solitude of diving with a detector. Just me and the ever present puffer fish to look for lost items from years gone by.

With my hopes high for some  coins and maybe some jewellery I started searching. The first few targets were pull tabs or lead weights, but soon I had some modern coins in the bag. A faint signal had me digging for awhile, first a 1980s style bling earring came out of the hole followed by a 1939 penny. Not far away, another target response had me excavating another hole which produced, first a 1927 penny, then an old one cent and two cent coins. I am always amazed at how fast the tides remove any trace of my presence, a week after fanning away the sediment and shells in search of targets, there is little trace I was ever there.


A few more modern coins, and a nice signal had me fanning for some time before a coin with a hard crust come out. Unlike the copper coins which can have the black crust rubbed of with my fingers, this one was far more resistant to my rubbing,  which had me hoping I had a silver coin. Back home, after a little while in the electrolyse bath, I was correct as the encrusting corrosion fell away to reveal a silver 1942 shilling. Another target that had my heart pumping, started out looking like a gold ring, but unfortunately turned out to be a gold coloured earlobe plug with a spider web pattern on it.

As always I found a good selection of rubbish such as lead weights, pull tabs and a small circuit board. All of these came home with me and will be recycled where possible.



Until next time, keep your coil close to the ground and happy hunting!



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