Back to the “coin tree”

After having a fantastic hunt the day before with nine silver coins from around an old tree, I decided to head back to see if there was any left. Digging a couple of low tones in the hope of hitting a gold ring, but only adding to my increasing collection of ring pulls at home I finally had a solid 12-40 12-45 on the E Trac.

Looking down, I was surprised to see that I was less then a metre from a plug I had dug the day before. A quick scan with my pro finder had a lovely 1927 sixpence in my hand. Re-checking the hole produced another solid high tone, so back down onto my knee to have another look, and out came a 1927 threepence.

Two more copper coins were also around the area of the tree, a 1930 half penny and a 1916 penny; both badly corroded unfortunately. Moving away from the tree, the E Trac gave another nice high signal which turned out to be a 1940 sixpence.



So remember, if you see a nice shady tree have a good look around under it as you never know what may have been lost in the past.

Happy hunting


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