05/10/2013 Silver under the tree.

This morning found me back bright and early in a park that has been very productive for me over the last few months. I decided to head over to a tree that is off on its own, sitting like an island in a sea of lawn; where a couple of weeks ago I had dug four pennies and moved on in search of silver.

This morning though I was going to give the area around it a good going over, by starting near the base of the tree and working in a spiral pattern outward.  First target was a small brass knob, this was quickly followed by 1900 threepence. Not a bad start I thought, this first silver was quickly followed by an 1887 threepence and well worn 188? Queen Victoria sixpence. 




Then I had one of those great high pitched screaming signals that was reading 12-47  01-48 on the E Trac that says big silver. sure enough in the bottom of the hole on the side was a worn, but very nice 1912 Australian shilling, unfortunately, I managed to put a small scratch on it.



Just near the shilling another great signal reading 12-45 revealed a 1942 sixpence in nice condition. Then came a couple of well corroded half pennies, 1923 Australian and an unidentifiable english one. After the two coppers came three more threepence’s  1911, 1927 with a piece missing, and a very nice 1900 Queen Victoria.



Aside from the pre decimal finds, there was the usual one and two cent coins, however this time the two cent, or what was left of it having been through the mower was New Zealand coin. A shallow signal produced a copper/brass earring and I also found another .303 blank round, this one having been fired. I enjoy finding the old bullet casings as often they have identifying marks stamped into the head. The marks on this one indicating that it dates to between 1895 and 1904.




Finally after spiralling out to the edge of the trees canopy, I decided to move over to another part of the park for a look. A good solid signal saw a 1957 sixpence come to light, slightly green in colour, as it is 50% silver. It was about now that the weather took a turn for the worse and it started to rain. 

Not a bad morning though with nine silver coins coming from under one tree. So if you see a nice shady tree in a park, be sure to have a good look around it’s trunk and under it’s canopy.

Happy hunting.



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