04/10/2013, A short spin on the beach.

After an extended period of cold rainy weather, we finally had a warm day close to 30 degrees centigrade, which bought out the beach goers. So it was down to the beach this morning, with my son Giles in tow to see if the depositors had been generous to us! I was using my trusty Minelab Excalibur II while Giles had his Minlab Exterra 305.

I also was looking forward to trying out a new toy I had bought in the form of a pair of sunglasses from Pivothead, with built in 1080 HD camera. I bought these glasses primarily for on the beach and when shallow water hunting as I can work hands free. 

After a slow start with a couple of drink cans and a plastic and metal coat hanger??, we at last started finding some coins. I managed a total of $5.70, While Giles picked up $1.20. Not bad for a short hunt after a minimal number of fine days. With cool rainy days upon us again, I know the fine weather must be just around the corner, along with beach goers with pockets overflowing with coin!




Some of the rubbish.







The good stuff 🙂

Catch you next time,


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